This is the third of a three-book series. 

As a complete study and answer guide to your mathematics textbook, this series contains more than 500 questions and worked examples. Each topic in this all-in-one guide contains the following features:

  • Targets to help you focus on the relevant concepts during your revision
  • Comprehensive Notes and Worked Examples where a summary of the important concepts and formulas are emphasised. The worked examples have been written to help you learn how to solve questions of similar type.
  • Tutorials by Topics are found at the end of each chapter. Each contains a wide range of questions, written to supplement classroom exercises, for you to practice and apply the mathematics concepts and formulas learned.
  • Thinking Skills Corner is where you can find more challenging and thought-provoking questions. Here you will be able to train your problem-solving skills by applying the concepts learned in the chapters.
  • Revision Exercises are found after every few chapters to help you refresh and consolidate all the concepts learned in these chapters.
  • Answers with Complete Worked Solutions are provided at the end of the book and will be useful for your reference.

Secondary 3 Mathematics Tutor 3B

  • 575 Pages.



    - Trigonometry

    - Applications of Trigonometry

    - Revision Exercise 4

    - Arc Lengths, Sector Areas and Radian Measure

    - Properties of Circles

    - Revision Exercise 5

    - Assessments

    - Answers with Solutions