Secondary Mathematics Tutor 1B is the second of a 2 book series written for Secondary 1/ Grade 7 students. As a complete study and answer guide to your mathematics textbook, this series contains more than 500 questions and worked examples. Revision exercises are found after every few chapters to help you refresh and consolidate all the concepts learned in these chapters. Answers with complete worked solutions are provided at the end of each book and will be useful for your reference. 

Secondary 1 Mathematics Tutor 1B

  • 675 Pages!



    - Ratio, Rate and Speed

    - Percentage

    - Number Patterns

    - Revision exercise 4

    - Coordinates and Linear Graphs

    - Simple Inequalities

    - Revision Exercise 5

    - Permienter and Area of Plane Figures

    - Volume and Surface are of Solids

    - Statistics - Data Handling

    - Revision Exercise 6

    - Assessments

    - Answers with Solutions