This is the second of a three-book series. 

Mathematics Tutor 4B contains the following features:

  • Quick Reviews offer a complete revision programme for the ‘O’ level examination as they encompass the entire syllabus and help you revise quickly and efficiently. Each quick review will cover a few topics. It begins with a formulae sheet followed by a wide selection of questions for you to refresh yourself and to give you a final practice.
  • Trial Examination Specimen Papers included in this volume have been written to follow closely to the format of the GCE ’O’ level examination.

Answers with Complete Worked Solutions are provided at the end of the book and will be useful for your reference.

Secondary 4 Mathematics Tutor 4B (Volume 2)

  • 448 Pages


    - Quick Review 7 

    Graphs and Graphical Solutions of Equations, Distance-Time and Speed-Time Graphs, Conversion Graphs.


    - Quick Review 8 

    Pythagoras' Theorem, Trigonometry, Bearings, Three-Dimensional Problems.


    - Quick Review 9



    - Quick Review 10

    Coordinate Geometry, Vectors in Two Dimensions


    - Quick Review 11

    Statistics, Probability


    - Assessments

    - Answers with Solutions