Maths Tutor 3A is the first of a two-books series specially written to serve as your mathematics companion in you primary 3 classes. This new 8-chapter volume, which follows closely to the newly implemented mathematics syllabus by the Ministry of Education, is comprehensive as it is suitable for the student who self-studied at home. It is dedicated to helping you revise in an effective and efficient way, as well as to help you prepare confidently for your examinations.

As a complete study and  answer guide to your mathematics textbook, this series contains more than 500 questions and worked examples.


Each topic in Mathematics Tutor 3B contains the following features:

  • ​ Targets to help you focus on the relevant concepts during you revision.
  • Comprehensive Notes and Worked Examples where the important concepts are emphasised. The worked examples will help you learn how to solve similar types of questions.
  • Tutorials by Topics found at the end of each chapter supplement classroom exercises.
  • Thinking Skills Corner is where you can find more challenging and though-provoking questions. Here you will be able to train your problem-solving skills by applying the concepts learned in the chapters.

​Revision Exercises are found after every few chapters to help you refresh and consolidate all the concepts learned in these chapters.

Mathematics Tutor 3A

  • 477 Pages.



    - Numbers to 10,000

    - Addition and Subtraction within 10,000

    - Solving Word Problems Involving  Addition and Subtraction

    - Multiplication Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9

    - Multiplication and Division

    - Solving Word Problems Involving the 4 Operations

    - Money (PLEASE NOTE that some of the questions shows Singapore Currency. Some questions are just generic money questions).