Mathematics Tutor 2A, is the first of a two-book series specially written to serve as a mathematics companion for Grade 2 students. This 8-chapter volume, which follows closely to the new mathematics syllabus by the Singapore Ministry of Education, is comprehensive as it is suitable for pupils who self-studies at home. It is dedicated to helping pupils revise in an effective and efficient way, as well as to help them prepare confidently for their class tests. 


Each topic in Mathematics Tutor 2A, contains the following features:

  • Targets to help pupils focus on the relevant concepts during their revision. 
  • Comprehensive notes and worked examples where the important concepts are emphasised. The worked examples will help them learn how to solve similar types of questions.
  • Tutorials by topics found at the end of each chapter supplement classroom exercises. 
  • Thinking skills corner is where students can find more challenging and thought-provoking questions. They will be able to train their problem-solving skills by applying the concepts learned in the chapters. 


Review assessments are found after every few chapters to help students refresh all the concepts learned in these chapters.
Answers with complete worked solutions are provided at the end of the book and will be useful for reference.

Mathematics Tutor 2A

  • 537 Pages.



    - Numbers to 100

    - Addition and Subtraction within 100

    - Solving Word Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction

    - Multiplcation and Division

    - Multilication Tables of 2, 5 and 10

    - Multiplication Tables of 3 and 4

    - Solving Word Problems involving Multiplication and Division

    - Length