Specially written for students who are preparing to enter 1st Grade. This series consists of 4 books covering all the chapters which can be found in 1st Grade Mathematics textbooks. These books which follow closely to the newly implemented Mathematics syllabus by the Singapore Ministry of Education aim to help pupils familiarize themselves with what they will learn in 1st Grade.

All questions are presented in a friendly and colourful way so that students will find working through them fun and joyful. Parents will find these books very useful as they will give your children a head start on this important subject!


Topics Covered:

- Addition and Subtraction to 100

- Money (Please note that this is in Singapore Currency, and therefore not applicable to the U.S.)

Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary One Mathematics Tutor Book 4

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  • 273 Colored & Perforated Pages! 


    Topics Covered:

    - Time

    - Numbers to 100

    - Addition within 100

    - Subtraction within 10

    - Addition and Subtraction to 100

    - Money (PLEASE NOTE that some of the questions shows Singapore Currency. Some questions are just generic money questions.)